Progress Test 2: 5 – 9 december 2022

Progress Test 2

The second Progress Test of the academic year will be held in the week of 5-9 December*. The Progress Test will be an adaptive test and can only be made on campus using a computer/laptop/chromebook. Every student has received information about a location and time slot during which the Progress Test has to be made. Local university rules apply for starting time, extra time etc.

With the adaptive Progress Test, every student will receive a test that corresponds to their knowledge level. Therefore, every student will receive different questions. Commenting on question thus follows a different course: there will not be a general moment for submitting comments. All comments must be submitted through this website (e.g., general questions about the adaptive testing).

The results will most probably be announced around the 16th of December. Every student can check their own result in TestVision, which will also show which questions are answered (in)correctly. The question itself will not be visible, but a description of the particular question will be made available. If you are of the opinion that a certain question is truly incorrect, then you can use the official moment for test inspection/insight to submit your comment. This will be organized per university on a set date and time, after the results are announced.

Good luck with the Progress Test!

*Students of Maastricht University have already made the Progress Test on the 30th of November