Calculation of test results

The results are calculated by subtracting the incorrect answer score from the correct answer score (1 point for each correct answer); question marks earn zero marks. The incorrect score is calculated using the formula:


In this formula, a is the number of answer options. This results in the following scores on questions with different numbers of answer options:

  • 2-option question: – 1 point;
  • 3-option question: -1/2 point;
  • 4-option question: – 1/3 point;
  • 5-option question: – 1/4 point.

If no answer is indicated the computer automatically enters ‘?’. Unfortunately, this is a frequent source of error due to computerised reading. It is advisable to always check an answer option or to check ‘?’, if you choose that option.

Students can give comments on questions and/or their key, substantiated with literature. If deemed necessary, the results are recalculated once after all appeals have been processed.

The percentage score is 100 times the absolute score divided by the number of questions included in the definitive progress test (after removal of all cancelled questions). The term ‘Score’ is used (instead of ‘Correct minus Incorrect’ as was done previously) because with multiple choice questions the percentage score generally no longer equals the percentage correct minus incorrect score.