First large-scale adaptive Progress Test in September 2022

In September 2022, all medical students will make the adaptive Progress Test. Students from Groningen, Amsterdam (AMC and VUMC), Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Leiden and Maastricht will participate; Utrecht will follow later in 2023. After a successful pilot in May with smaller groups of students, the organization of the Progress Test is ready for large-scale adaptive testing. This means that, from September onwards, every student will make a Progress Test adapted to his or her knowledge level. This is quite a remarkable situation, where all medical faculties in the Netherlands together established a new, digital adaptive Progress Test of high quality.

More information on the adaptive Progress Test can be found underĀ  Toetsinformatie.

The Progress Test will be held in the week of 26-30 September. Students from Maastricht will make this test already on the 21st of September. Every student will be allocated to a certain time slot; this will be done by your own faculty. De adaptive Progress Test will only be made digitally on campus. Testing from home is not possible any more, even with Procotoring.