The ProF system in brief

The ProF system offers longitudinal, web based feedback to staff and students on the results of the interuniversity Progress Test in Medicine (iPGT).

Feedback consists of quantitative information on the overall test scores and subtest scores. Subtests contain questions about a certain subject (category), such as cardiovascular system or preventative health care, or questions related to a certain discipline, such as anatomy or epidemiology.

Information can be momentaneous (scores on a specific test, the most recent one for example), longitudinal (the development of scores over a series of tests) or predictive (predicted scores on future tests).

Furthermore, information can relate to the scores of an individual student (individual feedback) or the aggregated score of groups of students (aggregated feedback). Individual feedback consists of two parts: the score of one student and, for comparison, the score distribution in a reference group, such as the students in the same year. Aggregated feedback is based on the score distribution in a reference group.

The iPGT is administered four times a year. After each test the results are added to the PGT database and updated feedback is made available in ProF.

No rights can be derived from progress test results presented in the ProF system. The sole purpose of the ProF system is to provide feedback. ProF is not the official channel through which test results are published. The individual participating universities are responsible for the official announcement of test results to their students. On the basis of the scores of a series of progress tests, Prof provides a preliminary end result. Also from these results, no rights can be derived. The final decision will be made locally in your own university.

The following film (7 mins) in Dutch gives an idea of how ProF can be used.