Criteria for student comments

Comments on test questions can only be submitted in Test Vision.

Student comments on the progress test should meet the following requirements in order to be taken into account:

  • The comment must not be motivated by a reading error of the student unless the student clearly indicates that is was a reading error to be expected due to the formulation of the question/optional answers.
  • The comment must be supplied with a clear explanation why the question or key is questioned by the student.

The following must be included when submitting a comment: 

  • Question number
  • Type of comment: change in key, second answer option equal to first (question is excluded), other
  • Argumentation

Comments that are NOT taken into account:

  • Comments that are sent in too late or in an incorrect way on the iVTG website.
  • Comments that do not concern the indicated question.
  • Linguistic comments on the translated test.
  • Comments that support the key as determined by the WIV.
  • Comments that reflect a personal opinion or vision of the student, based on which the key is questioned.

To be accepted, the WIV must convinced sufficiently that one of the following situations is present:

  • Another answer is clearly more correct than the indicated key. In principle, the key is changed then.
  • At least one of the optional answers is equally correct as the indicated key. In this case, the question will be excluded.
  • The student shows that the question points towards outdated knowledge or that the situation presented in the question is not realistic. The WIV will determine whether the question is indeed deficient and should be excluded.