Progress test 4: 22 – 26 May 2023

This study year’s fourht progress test will take place from the 22nd until the 26th of May. The test will be conducted using the adaptive method and can only be taken in an exam hall on a computer/laptop/chromebook. Every student will be provided with a location and time slot for their test by their own institution. Local rules apply regarding the starting time, extra time allocation etcetera.

Owing to the adaptive method, every student will be presented with a unique test fitted to their level. Consequently, every student will answer different questions. Thus, the method of commenting has changed: commentary can be submitted during moments of review. General remarks regarding the test and the adaptive method can be submitted through this website.

The results will be published around June 1st. Students can access the result through TestVision, where every answer has been marked either correct or false. Although the full question is not available, a description is provided for each question. If you suspect a question to be erroneous, you can use the official review moment to comment. Every institution provides these moments on a predetermined date after the announcement of the results.

Good luck with your progress test!